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 Air Duct Cleaning Specialists 

Trumbull | Mahoning | Ashtabula | Portage | Geauga | Columbiana

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Pollutant Free Air Ducts Make for Cleaner
and Healthier Homes

Disaster Recovery Services  is your locally-owned specialist for air duct cleaning!

Did You Know:
Pollutants in the air of your home may be up to seven times higher than outdoor levels.

Since we spend most of our time in our homes, air quality is important to reduce the risk for allergic reactions, asthma and other breathing issues. Air pollution can even result in a damaged lung, particularly for children and older people. 

Home today are more energy efficient, but that has meant that they are tighter, less able to breathe. That means pollutants can be locked into homes and workplaces.

It is not unusual for dust mites, pollen, animal dander, as well as animal droppings and even fungi and bacteria to accumulate in your vent system. This potentially harmful debris is blown into your living space every time your HVAC fan goes into action.

It just pays to keep your air ducts clean! Call us for a free estimate today!

Restoring Property & Rebuilding Lives 

Is Easy With Disaster Recover Services


Call Now

A live person is ready for you! 


Focus on what matters

DRS will clean the mess and repair your property! 


Rest Easy

Knowing your property is in the best hands!  


Now for Immediate Assistance, 24/7



Immediate Response –
24-hour damage restoration service. A live person will answer your call.

Advanced Moisture Detection –

Disaster Recovery Services utilizes advanced thermal imaging to detect all moisture in walls, floors and ceilings so we can dry thoroughly and prevent further problems down the road.


Comprehensive Services –

We handle every aspect of damage restoration needs, from flood and smoke damage to inspecting and testing for mold, removing odors, structural demolition, debris removal and roof repair and replacement. We can rebuild your damaged structure.

Insurance Accepted –
Disaster Recovery Services will work with all insurance companies on your behalf. We offer flexible and convenient payment options.

Professional Training & Certification –
We have years of hands-on experience. Disaster Recovery Services has been certified by industry associations.

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