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FREE Continuing Education Courses 

Increase your knowledge, better serve your customers, grow customer satisfaction, reduce claim costs. Our state of the art Continuing Education (CE) classroom is the perfect place to come to complete your Continuing Education courses.

CE Courses are designed to continually grow insurance agent’s knowledge of the disaster mitigation process. Increased knowledge of the processes allows the agent to better serve the customer, provide peace of mind to the customer, and control costs. Throughout the year, we will be offering a variety of seminars and CE classes to keep you in compliance and to further your knowledge in the field.

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Courses We Offer 

COurses We Offer

Fire Loss
Estimating Procedures
# 58070

This course gives agents a behind the scenes look into what happens after a fire. It walks the agents from start to finish; from the estimate to the rebuild and everything in-between using real world scenarios. It will cover a total rebuild, and other salvageable structures while shedding light on the inner workings of each. It also dives into our contents restoration procedures including the pack-out, computerized inventorying, secure storage, and pack-in processes. 

Water Damage: 
A New Perspective

This is a 3 hour class participation course in Water Mitigation.  Learn the latest techniques and strategies for drying structure and contents with one of the only Flood Houses in Ohio.  Get hands-on experience using the most up-to-date drying technology and determine cost effectiveness between mitigation and reconstruction.

Cyber Risk

Blinded By the Light - Ethics Class 

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