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 Accredited Water Damage Restoration Specialists 

Trumbull | Mahoning | Ashtabula | Portage | Geauga | Columbiana

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- Insurance Claims Assistance

- Commercial & Residential 

- 24/7 Emergency Response

- Water Damage Restoration

- Complete Reconstruction & Rebuild

- Temporary Auxiliary Power



When water damage happens, fast response can make all the difference between a small job and a large problem.

DRS will send a team of professionals dedicated to minimizing damage and restoring your home or business. Using advance equipment and techniques, our team of experts will quickly remove the water and closely monitor the drying process ensuring your property is dried correctly and thoroughly

Identify Affected Areas 


Using advanced equipment like moisture probes and moisture meters, our technicians have the tools and training to identify the affected areas

Remove Standing Water


We remove the water from your property using our truck mounted extractor. Our non-invasive Extreme Extractor can remove Water From both the carpet and padding.

Equipment Set Up 


To Ensure your property is dried correctly, we utilize the latest technology in commercial drying equipment during the drying and tracking processes

Final Inspection 


Once the readings are returned to preexisting conditions. We do a final walk through to review the results and ensure you are satisfied

Restoring Property & Rebuilding Lives 

Is Easy With Disaster Recover Services


Call Now

A live person is ready for you! 


Focus on what matters

DRS will clean the mess and repair your property! 


Rest Easy

Knowing your property is in the best hands!  


Now for Immediate Assistance, 24/7

Water Damage Repair Services We Offer:


Don't delay when your hardwood flooring has been water damaged. Waiting can result in more severe damage and higher restoration expenses. 

Water Soaked Hardwood Floors Can Often Be Saved!


 Flooded Basement Specialists 

Basement flooding has lots of causes: lack of proper drainage away from a foundation, plumbing breakdowns, cracking of walls, cracks in the floor and even leaking basement windows. However it happens, a flooded basement can create an unwanted swimming hole right in your home.

Flooded Basement

Flood Water Cleanup Specialists

Why Disaster Recovery Services Should Be Your First Choice!

As with most things, preventing a problem is easier and less expensive than curing one. If you already have flood damage, contact us immediately before more damage occurs.

Flood Water Clean Up

But, in anticipation of flood water damage, there are specific things you can do according to Homeland Security. Check the sump pump to ensure correct functionality. (Pour some water into the pit.) Move valuables to a high place. Cover up basement floor drains with removable or permanent grids to prevent flood water from flowing in. Be sure that your downspouts are in position and contain no debris. Also, don't forget to get your your appliances ready for potential flood water and shut down the electric to possible flood areas.

If you are currently experiencing flood water damage, call us anytime, 24-hours a day.

Even if you're not sure you're ready for flood water damage assistance, feel free to contact us to discuss your water removal needs. We're happy to share our experience and answer your property recovery questions.

Don't delay when you have water damage. Waiting can result in more severe damage and higher restoration expenses.

 Accredited Sewage Cleanup Specialists 



Sewage & Water Extraction

We safely extract all standing water and sewage from the affected areas.


Removal & Disposal

Property that was damaged from the sewage will be safely removed and disposed of.


Pressure Wash

Using our truck mounted high temperature pressure washing system, we wash the affected area and extract the water at the same time.


Sanitize & Deodorize

Once the area has been extracted and cleaned, crews ensure that the signs of mold have been removed from future growth



Affected structure may be removed at this point including flooring, trim and wall sections. Commercial grade drying equipment is then installed to complete the process



Immediate Response –
24-hour damage restoration service. A live person will answer your call.

Advanced Moisture Detection –

Disaster Recovery Services utilizes advanced thermal imaging to detect all moisture in walls, floors and ceilings so we can dry thoroughly and prevent further problems down the road.


Comprehensive Services –

We handle every aspect of damage restoration needs from smoke damage removal, removing odors, structural demolition, debris removal and roof repair and replacement. We can rebuild your damaged structure inside and out.

Insurance Accepted –
Disaster Recovery Services will work with all insurance companies on your behalf. We offer flexible and convenient payment options.

Professional Training & Certification –
We have years of hands-on experience. Disaster Recovery Services has been certified by industry associations.

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